World Book Night 23rd April - Triple Author Event


World Book Night is held on the 23rd April (Shakespeares birthday) every year. To celebrate we have a triple author event in The Book Lounge.

Meet Sally Evans (Dr) Karen Lloyd (Dr) Morelle Smith

Karen and Sally will be talking about their books and how their recently completed creative writing Phds helped them.

Morelle who has travelled the world will be talking about her book, travelling and writing.

Karen's books The Gathering Tide tells the stories of the places, people, wildlife and history of Morecambe Bay.

Abundance Nature in Recovery - In an era of urgent ecological challenge, this timely book reveals the places that people are coming together to bring species and habitats back from the edge of extinction. Yet, elsewhere, many other species are being allowed to disappear forever.

Sally's book Wildgoose , A Tale of Two Poets. Maeve Cartier and Eric Grysewood, fictional poet cousins, are at the centre of this novel about poetry. What makes them want to be poets? How does mutual admiration become rivalry?

Morelle has travelled the world and has written a novel about another traveller who has inspired her, Annemarie Schwartzenbach who was born in Zurich in 1908.

Morelle's book The Buoyancy of the Craft, the writings and travels of Annemarie Schwartzenbach. 

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